As we sell physical goods, it’s possible to return some of our items. But there is a straightforward procedure to return a product. There’s also a certain timeline when you can return a product.

  • If an ordered item has an  expiry date, you have to check the date while receiving the product from our delivery man. We don’t sell expired products, but mistakenly if you received something, instantly tell our delivery man and we will instantly issue a refund or you can ask for replacement and we will send a replacement product within 48 hours.
  • For all kinds of gadgets and electronics, you have to have an unboxing video in order to return the product and claim a refund. Without proper proof, you won’t be able to return the product.
  • You will get a packing slip with your product. Please take care of it until the return period expires. To return a product, the packaging slip is necessary.
  • If an item has a return period, you can see the timeline on that product page. For those items without a return policy, you have to return while receiving the product or if it’s damaged/broken(with proof).